The guide for your first weeks in Germany

You have a long and difficult journey behind you.

But now you have arrived in Germany. However “arrived” in German means a lot more: Become part of society and join in. This app will help you to do this.

Learn German

You will find an introduction to the German language here with a lot of exercises you can do on your own.

Living in Germany

This app will be your companion for the first few weeks in Germany. It also has answers to practical everyday life questions.

Asylum, Apprenticeship, Job

What happens in the asylum process, how do you find a job or a vocational training position? This app has answers to many important questions.
We came to Germany with our son. He’s four years old and hasn’t learned any German yet. He knows a few words, but he can’t speak the language. But it is very important to learn German. We want to live and work here, so we really must learn German.
— Marharyta (30) from Ukraine
Understanding how Germany works is the basis for getting on well together. Everyone has the same obligations and has to obey German laws. But everyone has the same rights too. In this app you get to know the rules of this country and learn what you have to pay attention to. Try it out! And start right now …
Here, you are free to say whatever you like on the street and in the S-Bahn (suburban trains). Nobody ever says things like “You can’t say that, it’s taboo”. The day before yesterday I saw a show on TV with people making jokes about Angela Merkel. That would be taboo back home. No one is allowed to criticise the President or officials, it’s forbidden. People who do are sent to prison. Freedom means a lot to everyone in Germany.
— Ferhad (29) from Syria